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Railroad operators have enough to do without having to stay on top of the day-to-day management of Federal Railroad Administration compliance and human resource objectives by hand. The InfoRail software system is a simple compliance tracking and reporting tool that shows your railroad operators exactly what needs to be done and provides clear, easy-to-read reports confirming what has been done.

InfoRail assists in tracking employee compliance information including training, efficiency testing, medical requirements and motor vehicle requirements so that you can provide your employees with a safer, more efficient working environment.


Makes Compliance Easy

Our system isn’t overly complicated—so it’s no wonder it’s the leading compliance management tool for railroad operators.

  • InfoRail is easier than paper systems and just as intuitive.
  • As the railroad industry becomes more and more regulated, it’s not enough to merely track compliance measures. InfoRail provides proof of compliance through proactive, measurable data reporting.
  • Scheduled or as-needed email reports help keep your entire team on track.

Saves You Money

Implementing InfoRail software will pay for itself in savings over time, by cutting costs and increasing productivity.

  • Using InfoRail saves users the costs of civil penalties that may be the result of missed regulations, non-compliance or poor reporting.
  • Many of our software users report a significant savings in man-hours and increased productivity once standard compliance practices are in place.

Improves Safety and Efficiency

At the heart of our software is the idea that it’s more than an administrative tool. It’s a real-world application with real-world benefits, making operations safer while also reducing overhead and making your workplace more efficient.

  • Standardization of FRA compliance practices benefits your entire organization by keeping everyone up-to-date and housing rules and processes in one centralized and easy-to-access system.
  • InfoRail users report a significant reduction in the number of FRA on-site audits, which means their team members can spend their time being productive rather than digging through compliance data.
  • The software serves as a much-needed checklist and safety net, tracking new regulations with ease, telling you what to do, when to do it and if it’s done.


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