The Safest Dark Territory Dispatching

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Take short line track control and dispatching to a new level.

TrackAccess is a fully FRA compliant track reservation system from RailSoft Systems. Control your track without a controller, thanks to an advanced system that helps you enhance safety, increase productivity and reduce expenses.


Sets the Standard for Safety

  • A study by Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) proved that TrackAccess is 8 to 16 times safer than current track warrant control (TWC) systems operating with or without computer backup.
  • Track Access’ revolutionary “pack your own chute” logic and innovative technology eliminates the need to outsource responsibilities to a third party.


  • TrackAccess costs less than 50% of most contract dispatching services, and eliminates the cost of adding to your workforce.
  • Includes FRA 228-compliant electronic hours of service reporting at no additional expense.
  • Requires no additional technology; no new software or special devices needed.
  • Works with or without a controller (dispatcher). Fully FRA compliant.

Enhances Your Productivity

  • Eliminates wait time for authorities, bulletins or Form B type protection.
  • Bulletin system eliminates midnight deadlines for DOB requests from MOW employees.
  • Turn non-control track to control track for roadway worker protection, without a dispatcher or controller.
  • Functions with or without a dispatcher—or both.
  • Reduces training time up to 80% over TWC system training.
  • Works with standard technology already in use, such as cell phones, laptops and tablets.


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