Track Employee Time Without Wasting Yours

Spend Minutes, Not Hours

Manually tracking hours of service for your employees can be time-intensive, tedious, and, worst of all, incomplete and inaccurate. Get a fuller picture of total time for each employee, including hours of duty time, consecutive day service, limbo time, and more. WebHOS is the only system on the market that electronically records and reports everything you need to know about employee time to ensure FRA compliance and accurate payroll.


Create a Proactive Workplace

Know about problems before they arise instead of after you’ve been hit with a heavy fine. WebHOS alerts you about potential risks and violations so you can take proactive measures.

  • WebHOS accurately records and reports all service, not just covered service, giving you the most complete picture available of how your railway is running.
  • Our HOS software features built-in alerts that immediately notify you of any potential violations. Stop penalties before they start by tracking all time more accurately.
  • Centrally manage and store your company policy and procedure manuals and track changes.
  • WebHOS is fully compliant with all electronic requirements of 49 CFR Part 228.

Works Well with Other Applications

RailSoft Systems’ Hours of Service tracking software integrates well with the applications you are already using to manage your day-to-day rail operations.

  • Download your WebHOS database directly to your payroll system for faster, more accurate payday accounting.
  • Easy to integrate. WebHOS is fully compatible with other programs you already have in place, including RSS Bulletin and Message system and Logitrac CBT “Rule of the Day” training.
  • Works on most devices including tablets and smartphones.

Save Time

With powerful, fast reporting features, you’ll never spend hours assembling your daily or monthly records again.

  • Electronically captures, records, and reports hours of duty time, which cuts down on your administrative burden while making your records.
  • Railroad operators can print all required documentation, including daily service reports, directly from the software system, eliminating guesswork and increasing compliance.
  • Available monthly reports include total time on duty, limbo time, and consecutive day service for train service employees. Quickly and easily see a snapshot of employee service time each month.


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